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Health Enhancement Products, Inc. (HEPI.OB)
Health Enhancement Products, Inc.
Health Enhancement Products, Inc. (OTCBB:HEPI - News) is a health & wellness company engaged in the development of products comprised of pure, all-natural compounds that can be used as a dietary supplement and food additive. The Company's product is ProAlgaZyme® (PAZ™), a liquid product drawn from living algae grown in purified water. The water in which the algae are grown is drawn off, filtered and bottled under the trademark ProAlgaZyme®.

HEPI is focused on isolating and identifying the active cholesterol agents present in PAZ. A study conducted during summer 2009 at Wayne State University's Department of Nutrition and Food Science by Dr. Smiti Gupta demonstrated unequivocally that PAZ filtrates are able to lower LDL cholesterol while raising HDL cholesterol in animal subjects. This bolsters previous studies that indicated similar results in humans and animals, albeit not under the strict conditions imposed by the  Wayne State University study.

100% Natural Products for Total Body Health, The Way Nature Intended.

Health Enhancement Products, Inc. (HEPI) is directed specifically at the selection and marketing of only the best of natural and herbal products including ProAlgaZyme®.

This direction arises from our convictions that:

 - the body is the strongest healing force known to mankind
 - proper diet, exercise, and medication are the best means of keeping the human body's healing powers at their best
 - the best medication is that which comes from natural sources, and which protect the body from harmful side-effects.

It is the mission of Health Enhancement Products, Inc. to develop health through science, products that are:

 - natural or derived from naturally-occurring materials -- without reliance on synthetics;
 - based on all-natural herbal extracts and botanical derivatives;
 - sold as foods and dietary supplements to promote wellness;
 - of premium quality.

With this primary mission, the Company will continue to seek products to either create and fulfill a marketing opportunity, offering substantial value for price, and which encourage customers to continue to enjoy good health through science.

The Company pursues multi-faceted research into health issues relevant to its products, and supports on-going clinical and academic research efforts wherever practicable.

The Company will also act with full responsibility to its investors and shareholders, and will seek opportunities consistent with the goals set above, to maximize shareholder benefit and deliver improved health through science.

Health Enhancement Products Inc.
7740 East Evans Road
Suite A101
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
United States - Map
Phone: 480-385-3800
Fax: 480-385-3801
Website: www.heponline.com


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